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Before booking your first session with me, please schedule an initial phone call. This is so I can assess whether I am the right person to support you and for you to learn a bit more about whether you want to work with me. 

I offer your initial phone call for free, I want you to feel completely safe with your time and financial investments. Consultations and 1:1 sessions are £70 per hour.

As well as virtual sessions, I also offer in person sessions if you are local to Brighton and Hove. If you would like to book an in person session please contact me directly via 


I hold monthly Q&A sessions which I'd love you to join if you have any questions regarding personal development and mental wellbeing. These group sessions are held on Zoom and free of charge for any new course members of the month (limited to one free Q&A per course at full price). If you have purchased an online course this month, there is no need to book your slot here. I will be in touch with you via the email you have provided. To join the Q&A as a new course member, please click here to purchase your course. If you would prefer not to join the Q&A as a new course member, please follow the booking instructions below.

For all 1:1 appointment bookings, you have 24 hours to pay for the session before the appointment time is released again for other clients to book. There is a 72 hour cancellation policy for all services.

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Please choose between my virtual zoom sessions or if you are local to Brighton and Hove, please select 'in person tailored services' for face to face sessions.