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Stop making decisions when you're TOAST

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

For everyone who hasn’t heard of the fantastic Mel Robbins, she is a motivational speaker and author. If you haven’t come across her yet, I would strongly recommend checking out her work.This post is a nod to the incredible work she does. Currently, she is the most booked woman on the speaking circuit.

Mel Robbins identified one strategy to take control of your life. That is:To stop making decisions when you’re TOAST. Let me explain:






This really resonated with me when I was thinking about the work I do with my clients. I specialise in working with women who are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, and low self-esteem. I see a recurring pattern in most of these women: they live in a TOAST state. This means, they are not only making decisions in this state of mind, but they are living their entire lives this way.

This will have a very powerful effect on how their lives look to them. This may even be debilitating to their sense of purpose, sense of self, self-acceptance and self-esteem levels. How is this sounding to you?If you can recognise yourself here, you are not alone. One small step you can do today to start to rectify this state of mind is to slow your thought patterns down by asking yourself if you are TOAST? If so, are you tired, overwhelmed, angry, sad or triggered? Or more than one? Once you have identified that, what is the root cause of your state of mind? Can you pinpoint the origin? Once this is established, how can you rectify this so you are feeling more in control and able to make decisions?

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