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I am a cognitive behavioural specialist who is dedicated to building up each and every woman to achieve everything they desire in life. I help overcome the barriers that may be stopping them from growing and evolving into their ideal future selves. 


I specialise in areas surrounding low self-esteem, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, depression and overcoming limiting belief systems. However, I have worked with clients in all areas from eating disorders to trauma recovery. 


I am immensely passionate about what I do, and will share my own experiences to help women on their journey. My life's purpose is to guide, befriend and mentor. That is what energises and invigorates me. My aim is to provide therapy with a lift!


To give you a bit more insight into me, I am also hugely into women's fashion. I am also very proud to be a body positive, fat liberation activist and a plus size model who loves promoting all things femme! 

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I have a legal background, specialising in Education and Social Work. I have attained both an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in this field.


Since my formal studies, I have acquired extensive experience working in an education setting with children, young adults and adults. Whilst doing this work, I qualified as an advanced CBT practitioner.


Since then, I have designed and facilitated programs that have been incorporated into the National Curriculum and I have lectured in University settings on the importance of media messages and their relationship with well-being.

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After five years of working for various organisations, I decided to open my own practice. With everything I do, my clients come first and I found that when I was working for organisations, there were times when I was unable to help my clients progress at the pace they needed, due to factors out of my control. Opening my own practice has been the best thing I have ever done. I can now focus on giving my clients the support they need.

This innovative approach empowers my client and that in itself accelerates progression.

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