"Jess is such an inspiration to draw strength from, her social media images, quotes and her overall demeanor and way of being makes people feel uplifted! She is approachable and relatable. Jess has a lovely way that makes people feel cared for and understood and the content and strategies she suggests are easy to follow.

The knowledge that Jess has means that the on demand programmes are really effective. I love the way her website, quotes, videos and coaching are visually and emotionally influential in a positive way and overall I think the concept and experience is amazing."

Sally, 29

"Jess is so considerate, rational, empathic. She gives me support, perspective, encouragement, positivity, solutions, inspiration."

Emmy, 45

"Jess has helped and inspired me so much in a short space of time. She is such a warm and positive person that a session with her always leaves me feeling lighter and more positive. 100% recommend."

Cat 37

"This therapy really works! I was broken 3 months ago. I remember saying that I couldn't ever imagine feeling the way I do right now ever again. I'm beyond grateful."

Natalie, 23

"Life changer! I contacted Jessica when I was at one of my lowest points, feeling so insecure, vulnerable and having no confidence and since having her in my life I have completely turned it around. She made me see the beauty in my life and that I deserve so much more than I was getting, and made me believe it too.
I am SO much happier now. I have so much more belief in myself and know that I deserve to be happy, and I deserve happiness in my life.
She has been a complete game changer.. to the point that I have now booked to move to Australia on my own which is something I would only have dreamed of before.

She is one wonderful human being!"

Luci, 29

"Jess is an absolutely incredible person and has been a rock during my toughest challenges as well as someone to celebrate with in the triumphs! She is so warm and bubbly and someone I have befriended throughout my time with her! I would recommend Jess to anyone. She has the amazing ability to empower, motivate and build self awareness and worth!"

Elly, 26

"Working with Jess has been amazing, I’ve never been to therapy before and from the consultation phone call to our actual sessions she put me at ease and was super helpful.
Her suggestions are great, really practical, and easy to add into your daily routine. They’ve really helped with my anxiety.
Overall Jess has been amazing, and I would recommend her to anyone."

Jess, 23

"I've only started working with Jess in the new year but she's helped me so much in trying to work out my confusing life! She's given me a new perspective and tools to help me deal with my anxiety and over-thinking. She is so friendly, relatable and understanding during times when I'm crying more than talking! I would recommend her to anyone that needs support or even just someone to rant about everything to."

Mindy, 30

"Therapy is hard but Jess will instantly make you feel at ease. I had sessions for just under 6 months and Jess has been amazing and helped me so much. At first I was nervous to start therapy because I thought my problems were not worthy of professional help or that it was too 'dramatic' to seek help but it was the best decision I ever made. I realise now that everyone deserves to have a therapist as kind, patient and understanding as Jess (if you're thinking about it just give it a go!). I have learnt so much more about myself than I expected and I am now confident that I have all the tools to overcome any future setbacks that I might face. However, I know that Jess will always be there if I need help again and I really appreciated her two week check-in text after I finished having sessions. I would also 100% recommend Jess to any of my closest friends and family.
Thank you Jess!!!"

Louise, 24