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I am committed to providing as accessible as possible mental health support. My ultimate life goal is to start a non profit that empowers women by providing female-centric mental health and personal development support. I am always striving to find ways to get me closer to this goal. This means that your investment doesn't just empower you, it empowers your community, too. Let me tell you how:


1. The first steps to finding someone to help support you is so daunting. To make it easier for you to decide if I am right for you, I offer a free 30 minute consultation call AND 14 days free app support. This gives you the space to try without any financial investment. If you don't want to continue after 14 days, you can cancel without charge.


2. If after 14 days you would like to continue, you will automatically go onto option 2 at 2 sessions a month by default, unless you choose another option. This is my most popular option. You will be backed by the 90 day money back guarantee. So with the first 3 months of working together, your money is protected if you don't feel the work we do together is beneficial.


3. I operate a one-for-one model with my clients. With every client that I have on the app (option 1, 2, or 3) I give someone in crisis access to the app support as well. I work with various local charities to provide mental health support to those needing certain intervention. Working with me means that your app membership provides a person in need this support.


BONUS - I also run a referral scheme. If a referral mentions you by name then they will receive 2 weeks free app access, including unlimited flash calls. And you will receive an extra session to use whenever you like after their first payment is processed. There is no limit to the amount of referrals you make. And, every person that signs up for the app support will contribute to the one-for-one model.

Option 1: £75 per month

Think of it like a therapist in your pocket. You will have unlimited 15 minute zoom calls, and a chat feature. We will also have in depth check in's once per week, set habits and goals and track them so you feel accountable. I will also send you workshops around so many areas of personal development and mental health. Like, 'reconnecting to your intuition,' or 'authentic communication' and so much more. I will send you a list of workshops at the start of the month, and you tell me which one you would like to focus your month on. There is also guest workshops around healing and understanding trauma, boundary setting, and healing from co-dependency and loads more. I am always adding to the list so you can optimise your own unique journey. You will also get the option to join the community group chat, have access to monthly Q&As, and relaxation classes like breathwork. I work with a team of nutritionists and personal trainers so we can develop a plan around your physical health to enhance the work you are doing with your mental health. I am constantly evolving the app to give as much value as possible, so you will also get access to every app update.

This option prioritises accessible and intense support. Ideal for students, young professionals, and those looking for an immediate self-led journey, whilst still having one-to-one support directly with me. 

*Limited to one flash call per client per day. Subject to availability.

Option 2: £75 per session

Includes all of option 1 PLUS 

2 zoom sessions per month £150; or 

4 zoom sessions per month £300

This option prioritises a more structured approach to the support. Ideal for those looking for therapy sessions but have the flexibility to do so remotely.

*Minimum of 2 sessions per month

*Paid monthly (unless requested)

Option 3: £100 per session

Includes all of option 1 PLUS 

2 in person sessions per month £200; or

4 in person sessions per month £400

This option prioritises those looking for face to face support.

*Minimum of 2 sessions per month
*Paid monthly (unless requested)

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