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Yes, all of your sessions are completely confidential. 


I will not disclose any confidential information except under the following circumstances. If you are at imminent risk of hurting yourself or you prevent a risk to others. In this scenario, I reserve the right to inform appropriate external agencies such as the doctor or the police. In this event I will always try and discuss this with you beforehand. 

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I have a legal background, specialising in Education and Social Work. I have attained both an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in this field. Since my formal studies, I have acquired extensive experience working in an education setting with children, young adults and adults. Whilst doing this work, I qualified as an advanced CBT practitioner. Since then, I have designed and facilitated programs that have been incorporated into the National Curriculum and I have lectured in University settings on the importance of media messages and its relationship with well-being.

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An initial consultation costs £80 and lasts 90 minutes. Ongoing sessions will then cost £70 per session and last 60 minutes. 


If you are undergoing weekly support, you will also be able to book a block of 4 x 1 hour sessions working out at £62.50 per session. 


A one off session would cost £90 and last 90 minutes. 


I also offer discounted rates for students and key workers, please enquire for more details. 


As well as the individual sessions I also run group programmes. These cost £80 for a 4 week programme. To find out more about these sessions and what they include please click here.

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To book directly, please contact me at alternatively you can book directly on the site.

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This session is a fact-finding session. I will ask a series of questions in order to gather as much information as I can about your background and current circumstances. This is also an opportunity for you to decide if I will be a good fit to support your journey. For our time together to be effective, it’s really important that you feel comfortable talking to me.

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Whilst this is a very common question the honest answer at this stage is ‘I don’t know.’ I typically don’t work by setting a required number of sessions to generate a ‘quick fix.’ I will work with you on a solutions based approach which can be integrated into your lifestyle.

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This will depend entirely on the individual. It’s important to know therapy is a journey and will take time. 


We will talk through solutions that you can practice between sessions, this is an equally important part of your road to empowerment. 

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I’ve recently launched group sessions which cost £80 for a 4 week programme.. 


These sessions are slightly different and include pre recorded sessions, exercises and access to weekly live ‘office hours.’ To find out more about the group programmes please click here. 

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