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8 things you need to do to survive change, uncertainty and difficult times

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Following on from this months theme of providing resources to help equip you for easing out of lockdown, I have compiled 8 tips to help you navigate change, uncertainty and difficult times...

Accept things that are outside of your control.

Focusing on things outside of your control only amplifies anxiety. Accepting the things that are changing gives it less power. If it holds less power, and we meet change with trust, then the anxiety and fear dilutes.

Take full accountability and responsibility for what is within your control.

It is liberating when we take responsibility for the choices we take in life, for the action we take, for choosing to make the most of each day. We can choose to seek the positives over the negatives and focus on opportunity instead of fear. Change is scary because it is unfamiliar and unknown. However, if we focus on what we want for our future our energy naturally flows there.

See the stress you face and the issues you have to solve as opportunities to practice your own mental strength

You can't grow your mental strength overnight. Mental training takes the same consistent practice and commitment as any muscle. We can't grow it in comfort, either. Change, uncertainty and difficult times can be golden opportunities to practice and build your own mental training. The benefits of this emotional regulation promotes long term healing.

Focus on the possibilities, not the losses.

When we have nothing, we can be anything. When nothing is certain, anything is possible. Try using your current situation to creatively reframe your circumstances into something exciting, fluid, and full of possibility. Then, no matter how huge it may seem: think, act and respond from that place. Choose excitement.

Use your time to focus on connecting to yourself

We covered this in the blog last week, but it is an important point. Quarantine has meant that we have had to spend more time in our own company. Let's not forget the benefits of that. Even if being in your own company has been challenging, it has been an invaluable tool to teach you about where you need to spend time healing. Now that we have more activities available to us, let's not return to using 'being busy' as an opportunity to avoid and suppress.

Deepen your connection with those who you love

As the country begins to open up, it is easy to overburden yourself with social plans with all the people who you haven't been able to see. You might feel a slight anxiety about this. Being able to use the lockdown measures instead of any boundaries that you were previously unable to establish prior to the COVID outbreak can work as an indicator that you need to take things slowly. Reintroduce social events at your own pace, on your own terms and prioritise your energy for those who fill you up, and not drain you.

Save money

I realise what I am saying is hard in this current global climate, but living paycheck to paycheck prevents you from getting ahead. It also prevents you from a feeling of security and encourages anxiety, stress and depression.

Focus on your health

Your health matters, always has done. Always will. That goes for your physical and mental health.


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