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Underrated signs of healing and recovery

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Sometimes it can be hard to measure progress when we are healing. So, here are some subtle signs of your recovery process...

Taking care of your personal hygiene becomes easier. You are no longer dreading going to the shower and you're brushing your teeth regularly. These things can be so difficult if we are struggling with our mental health. When we notice these things getting easier it is an indicator that we are moving in the right direction.

You start responding to texts again. A mental health fare up can make you want to isolate yourself. You might feel like a burden, or you might not have the energy to respond, or you might just find it too overwhelming. Feeling like you have the capacity to text back is a good sign that you are starting the recovery process.

Cleaning up your living space. A mental health spiral can make your living space a mess. Finding the energy to clan up your living space is definitely an underrated, but big sign of recovery and healing.

Using a new, healthy coping skill for the first time. The first time you apply something you have learned in therapy is a big deal. But do you celebrate it? Switching an unhealthy coping behaviour is really helpful for long term growth and is a great sign of healing and recovery.

Being able to see multiple sides to a situation. Things are no longer only black or white. Mental health challenges can increase black and white thinking and having the capacity to open your mind to different perspectives is an indicator of your haling process.

Being triggered by something doesn't derail your week. You can experience a trigger and it can still feel uncomfortable. However, your entire day or week won't be ruined by that trigger. You may still react, but you're able to come back from it sooner.

Responding to a situation with self-compassion instead of self-criticism for the first time. Mental health flare up's tend to make us very self-critical. The first time you respond with self-compassion when something doesn't go to plan is definitely a really positive sign of your recovery.  

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