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3 ways to start healing your inner child right now

Remember, you are forming a relationship with your inner child. This takes time, patience, and trust. The more you consciously dedicate yourself to thinking of and making your inner child feel safe, the more secure and confident you will feel.

Here are 3 ways you can start that healing journey today...

1. Adopt your child self:

Find a photo of yourself at the age anywhere between 3-7 years old. Choose a photo that you feel connected to.Place this picture somewhere that you will see often, i.e. on your bedroom mirror.

For 30 days say something to your inner child that promotes kindness, compassion, space, and understanding. Anything that will encourages feelings of acceptance, representation, and safety. This could be "you're safe now" "we're in this together" "I promise to take care of you."

What did you need to hear at that age? Prioritise that.

2. Write a letter from your inner child and then respond:

Find a place you feel comfortable and won't be interrupted. Using your non-dominant hand, write a freestyle letter from your inner child. What does she want you to know? Don't overthink it and let whatever comes flow onto the page.

Then, in your dominant hand, write a letter in response. Let her know she is seen, heard, understood and that her feelings are validated. Let your inner child know that you are there for them and that you honour everything they've experienced. You might want to share stories, or validate a past experience.

Don't judge what comes up, just write a stream of consciousness. If this feels good, you might want to repeat this a few times. If you find yourself getting emotional or overwhelmed, take a break. you can always come back to it when you feel more emotionally regulated.

3. Plan an inner child date:

What did you love to do? Did you love Disney films? Were you really into arts and crafts? Did you love spending time with animals? Try to think back to the times you felt the happiest as a kid. Or, think about what activity you love doing now but you don't think you have a lot of time for. Plan an early morning, afternoon, or night when you have at least one hour of free time. Make it intentional, make it official. This is your first inner child date!

Whatever you do, make sure it's something you're really excited about. Our inner child needs time that is purely fr enjoyment without stresses or deadlines. If you have a great experience, make it a monthly date. Maybe go one step further and tell your friends and have a small inner child party!

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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