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6 key signs of high-functioning anxiety

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

In my years of working as a practitioner I have realised that anxiety can be widely misunderstood. Anxiety comes in all shapes, sizes and guises. One of the most overlooked types of anxiety is high-functioning anxiety.

This is because it doesn’t present itself in ways we commonly understand anxiety to look. It isn’t always feeling uncomfortable socially, and more often it is the opposite of withdrawal. In fact, fear of stopping prevents those with high-functioning anxiety to withdraw or slow down in front of others. High-functioning anxiety is also more socially acceptable, especially in workplace environments, this leads many to live with this kind of anxiety for long periods of time without treating it.

Below are 6 key signs to help you identify if you suffer from high functioning anxiety:

  1. Perfectionism

  2. Restlessness of difficulty concentrating

  3. Difficulty relaxing and enjoying the moment

  4. Working all the time even when you’re at home

  5. Constantly thinking you need a break but can’t find the time

  6. Forgetting to eat or eating while working

If this is something you feel like you want more help with, I will be launching four online programs specifically designed to address:

  1. Setting goals and taking intentional action

  2. Understanding and overcoming limiting belief systems

  3. Building a healthy relationship with yourself

  4. Limiting stress and anxiety

These programs are designed to be as inclusive as possible and will especially benefit you if you have time or financial constraints which means that you are unable to do one-to-one sessions with a professional. If you are unsure, I will be offering the ‘setting goals and taking intentional action’ program for free so you gain a real understanding of how the sessions will be delivered, whether it is something you can commit to before you invest your money, and gain knowledge of the depth in which we will explore each topic. Each program will contain four videos and four accompanying workbooks to guide you through the topic. You can take this at your own pace and do it in your own time.

To stay up-to-date on the launch date for these programs please sign up to the mailing list.

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