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6 things that are OK to still be learning

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

When it comes to personal development, it can feel overwhelming. Small and simple pieces of advice or 'aha! moments' can seem groundbreaking and too huge to attempt or accept. This feeling can lead to overwhelm and a loss of how to move forward because "even the little things are too much of a challenge." And I hear that.

The thing with personal development, is that once you make the commitment to yourself to grow and evolve, it becomes a commitment to a lifetime of serving yourself and to your own self-mastery. To some, this may sound like bad news... hoping that you can prioritise it for a couple of months and then its fixed. Truth is, it doesn't work like that.

The good news is that as it's an ongoing commitment, you just have to start where you start. If the small things seem too big right now, scale it back further. Scale it back to a place where you are comfortable and start from there. If you make the steps too big, it'll be a longer and harder process than it needs to be.

This post is titled '6 things that are OK to still be learning' but the real truth is, everything is OK to still be learning. My honest advice is to just keep focusing on moving forward. However, some things that I have found in my experience that is useful to keep returning back to are:

  1. What others think of me is not my concern and is actually, none of my business anyway

  2. Rest is an essential part to the 'hustle'

  3. Everyone I started with cannot come with me to the next level of my life

  4. I have the right to change my mind without explanation

  5. Growth can be found in stillness

  6. Struggling does not mean I'm failing

Struggling with barriers and blocks? Do you need help in these areas?

1. Building confidence and self-esteem

2. Reducing stress and anxiety

3. Rewiring limiting belief systems

4. Setting goals and taking intentional action

Access to my 4 part online programmes are now LIVE! so what's inside?

Each of the areas above are broken down into 4 parts. You can do these at your own pace but I recommend trying to do each workbook one week apart. Each week you will dive deep into your chosen focus, with each workbook designed to be tailored to your unique needs.

After you complete the 4 weeks, you will:

1. Know exactly where you are and how this barrier presents itself in your life

2. Know how to recognise triggers/blocks/mental and physical reactions

3. Know exactly how to adopt a compassion-based approach to overcome your triggers/blocks/mental and physical reactions

4. Have a heightened sense of self-awareness that will promote your journey long term

have focus, drive, motivation and passion for moving forward

5. Know exactly what direction you need to take because you have put the work in to get clear on what that looks like!

6. Long term freedom from your old ways thinking and feeling.

On demand programmes are a one off payment of only £27. You can find more information of each programme at

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