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Green Flags in relationships

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I must confess something… I spend so much time with clients discussing and dismantling ‘red flags’ that when I do use the term ‘green flag’ the client ALWAYS clarifies that I said green, not red.

This is because such a huge part of my work is learning and understanding barriers, root causes, situational and/or psychological stressors. The nature of this leads to concentrating on dismantling the negative or harmful processes, so much so, that the ‘green flags’ get overlooked, or passed by without the recognition they deserve sometimes.

This post is a nod to the recognition of ‘green flags.’ I have focused this blog post to green flags in relationships, but this doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships. This also applies to family dynamics, friendships and the relationship you have with yourself.

  1. There is trust

  2. There is accountability

  3. There is safety in sharing how you feel

  4. There is a sense of a shared routine

  5. They celebrate your wins

  6. They are supportive, always.

  7. You know where you stand, and they know where they stand

  8. You have activities that you enjoy doing together

  9. There is a forward movement after conflict (i.e. behaviour changes)

  10. They take your feedback about themselves and the relationship seriously.

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