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What could your anxiety be trying to tell you?

I hear you. Anxiety is hard. It's uncomfortable. It's debilitating. It's scary. It's exhausting.

It would be great if you could wave a magic wand and you never experienced it again. POOF. Bye bye anxiety riddled thoughts, symptoms, behaviours and reactions...

Sorry, it just doesn't quite work that way. But that's not me telling you that you have to learn to deal with it as you feel it now. Far from it.

Have you experienced your anxiety levels fluctuate with different seasons of your life? Or would you argue that your anxiety stays at pretty consistent levels and have done for a prolonged period of time?

It's important when addressing anxiety that you meet yourself at YOUR level. Which means getting familiar with how anxiety presents itself in you.

The way I'd like you to think about this is rather than your anxiety being this unpredictable, all-consuming beast, think of it like it's your greatest teacher.

When you start to feel the mental or physical symptoms of your anxiety, ask yourself this question:

"What are you trying to teach me?"

Here are some examples of possible things that your anxiety could be trying to tell you:

"we're not over it yet"

"you're not feeling safe"

"this is important, honour it"

"you're neglecting/ignoring your voice"

"more information is needed before you make this decision"

"you're having a difficult time coping"

"there is a potential loss here"

"your balance is being threatened"

"slow down"

"the present situation feels like a painful experience from the past"

"you're lacking control/clarity/certainty"

"this is new and unchartered territory, tread lightly"

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