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Why is IWD so important?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

International Women's Day is an internationally organised event that has been going on for hundreds of years. It marks the achievements' of women and marks the ongoing issues of gender inequality. The theme for this year is 'Break the Bias,' aimed at highlighting the discrimination and stereotypes that women face in society that prevents gender equality.

This year, people are striking across the UK with the focus of female safety.

IWD also highlights the invisible labour that is still burdening women today. Domestic labour is complex and difficult to protest against, because it takes place in the privacy of some of our homes. There is also a lack of awareness that there are subcategories to invisible labour:

1. The mental workload of household management;

2. Emotional labour;

3. And the wider known categories of physical and financial contributions

IWD marks the strain of the burden we carry when women take on the household majority of duties such as cleaning, private cheffing, PA and admin roles, childcare, chauffeuring, and life coach services on top of their source of financial income. This is estimated (2020) at the equivalent salary of £176,667.

There is a great importance to this day. I am marking it by celebrating the women in my life. I am taking extra time to acknowledge how they have shaped and influenced me. I will celebrate female excellence.

I will celebrate you.


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