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If you are unsure about starting formal sessions, another option could be my on-demand programmes.


You have the choice between four areas designed to help you with your own personal development and self-work. The topics for each programme are:


I've made these programmes because I feel I have a responsibility to help make peoples investment in their self-work and emotional literacy more accessible, and I feel the common barriers that stop people exploring these areas are time and money.


An on-demand programme enables you to take things at your own pace and in your own time.

 There are no rigid time commitments, no time spent travelling to appointments and no need to juggle your priorities. This way you can take the programme at your leisure.

I also realise that not everyone can afford to spend thousands on retreats, seminars and 1:1 sessions, so hope the programmes will be attractive to those who don't want to spend the earth to get started on their journey.

For £27 per 4-week programme, you'll gain an invaluable, self-directed introduction to a topic of your choice. 

By making these programmes a bit more accessible, I hope it takes a little of the stress out of taking your first steps.

It's an important decision and I'd like to be here to support you into taking these first steps towards improving your self-work and emotional literacy. And it's important that you believe you are worthy of that investment. 


I am also offering one free access pass to my monthly Q&A session for all new course members who purchase the course at full price this month.

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Could Be.png
  • You are ready to make the commitment to yourself, to learn and unlearn parts about yourself.

  • You are looking into finding support but formal therapeutic environments (like a 1:1 therapy session) seem daunting.

  • You are interested in finding out more information about how a particular barrier that might be affecting you.

  • You haven’t tried therapy before, and you want to get more of an insight into the process before making any decisions.

  • You would love to get some extra support, but you’re concerned about your finances right now.

  • You are new to the topic area and would like a practical introduction.

Might Not.png
  • You don’t think you are at a place to make the commitment to your personal development yet (that's ok, it’s all a journey. Bookmark this page and I’ll see you soon!)

  • You are already in therapy for support in these areas.

  • The topics of the programs do not resonate with you right now.

  • You don’t think online workbooks will provide you with all the support you need right now.

  • You are experienced in the topic material and don’t think you will learn anything new about yourself and how to overcome this barrier.


Building Confidence

& Self-Esteem


Rewiring Limiting

Belief Systems


Reducing Stress

& Anxiety


Setting Goals & Taking Intentional Action

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Why not take my short quiz to find out which programme might be right for you. 

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