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15 practical tips to increase inner peace

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Recently, I have had a serge of clients experiencing a similar barrier. It's the same barrier that I have seen discussed over social media, and in conversation with family and friends. And that is:

"... after spending so long working from home, and spending so much time [INSERT ALONE/WITH SUPPORT BUBBLE] I have been struggling with the anxiety of feeling the need to be productive and not take any time off, because, what else would I do? I feel like the weekend is a two day lunchbreak from the home set up and constantly buzzing laptop... I should be ready for seeing everyone I couldn't see before. But ow I'm am suffering with a conflicting anxiety around being social again. Why do I feel anxious about meeting in person instead of over zoom in my living room like we have been doing? I shouldn't be tired because I've not had a chance to do anything yet, but the thought of all this social interaction overwhelming!"

Sound familiar?

'The new normal' has become just that, normalised. It comes with its own struggles and comforts. We are faced with yet another transition back into society and the pressure to pick up the pace is evident already. The thing is, we have had to scale back and we have all had major shifts to get used to. This is overwhelming and consumes a lot of energy, so dismissing this and processing it as 'too much time watching Netflix' isn't strictly accurate. There was little to no warning when we went into all 3 of the lockdowns in the UK. And just because restrictions are lifting, it doesn't mean we need to re-enter society with the same immediate response.

Spending time giving yourself understanding and compassion for how you are feeling will help make sense of your conflicting feelings. Try some of these more general mindfulness tips for inner peace if you need an extra helping hand:

  1. Meditate as many days as you can

  2. Make peace a priority

  3. Care less about being right

  4. Forgive yourself and others

  5. Be kind to yourself and others

  6. Focus on the present moment

  7. Aim to do less and be still more

  8. Say 'no' when your heart isn't in it

  9. Spend more time unplugged and offline

  10. Move your body and breathe deep

  11. Know that you are not your thoughts

  12. Be grateful for what you have

  13. Take life less personally and less seriously

  14. Befriend your feelings and let them be

  15. Welcome whatever the moment brings.

If you are experiencing anything discussed in the blog, you might want to consider one of my online and on demand programmes encouraging a self-taught introduction into building confidence and self-esteem, rewiring limiting belief systems, setting goals and setting intentional action or reducing stress and anxiety. For more information please visit

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