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8 signs that you are over-responsible

Feeling overly-responsible can quickly become normalised. For example, it can be encouraged in the workplace to consistently take on more and more responsibility, usually without any financial (or even communicated) recognition. It can also quickly become normalised in home life, with domestic roles largely falling on one person, and once this is established, it can be difficult to reverse. It can find its way into friendships, family dynamics and other romantic and platonic relationships. The list goes on...

Do you think that you are over-responsible?

There are different reasons for why people may feel overly responsible in different aspects of their life. This can be due to an old coping behaviour from past trauma, or it can be an anxious behaviour.

Below are 8 signs that you are over-responsible:

  1. Feeling guilty about saying no to others

  2. Extreme independence

  3. You worry about outshining others

  4. Assuming others will not take responsibility so you take it on

  5. You feel like 'the therapist' with friends and family

  6. You found yourself acting like an adult from a young age

  7. You struggle with receiving or asking for help

  8. You put other people's needs, expectations, and feelings before your own

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