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It’s not laziness, it’s a product of over-achievement.

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Do you battle with the idea that if you're not accomplishing something, you’re being lazy? You’re not alone. In fact, it's a fairly common discussion with my clients. Especially clients who suffer from self-sabotage behaviours and anxiety.

Chances are, there is an established dynamic that has led to this internal turmoil.

The most common dynamics that can be identified with this thought pattern is that you process your behaviour as being lazy when you aren’t actively accomplishing anything. However, you grew up in a chaotic environment, or an emotionally manipulative household, or you learned to get love, praise and acknowledgement through achievement. Or all of the above.

This has morphed and developed into adulthood. Now, your anxiety and perfectionism is holding you back. It presents itself in projects with your own personal development, your relationships and your work environment.

How do you break this cycle?

Overachievement is a hard thing to crack, because the momentum is fast paced. Slowing down isn’t as simple as stopping. It’s like spinning round and round in circles until you fall on the floor - it hurts, and you feel dizzy.

Try and approach it with gentle breaking. Start asserting boundaries, shift your priorities to active rest activities like socialising with friends, joyful movement or flow activities. Spending more time in balance will help limit your anxiety and begin to address self-sabotage behaviours like perfectionism.

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