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#SelfieSatisfaction: The Journey of Self Acceptance

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Self acceptance has become a pretty controversial topic in recent years. My more skeptical side would say that historically society has always made it more difficult for women to feel content and accomplished in their own right, and as the world evolves and changes I don’t believe it has come easier for women, and getting consistently harder for men.

My grandmothers, and in fact my mothers generation saw a different kind of struggle to ‘be.’ Pressures consisted of being appealing to men and becoming ‘good’ wives and mothers- a model that is very hard to define. In my family, predominantly female, there was little else to aspire to. There was no internet, reality TV role models, social media. Granted. But the advertisements didn’t have the content checks that they do now and the world was an overtly patriarchal place to live. As I write this, I appreciate that I’m speak from observations; obviously not from experience.

Now, women and men are consumed with focused marketing, social media, TV and music celebrity culture. Being a muse for the Internet is glorified and expectations can become unrealistic. Where you live, what you eat, how you exercise, what you earn, where you socialise, how your hair looks, if your body looks ‘good’ etc. These targeted insecurities are wide spread. It doesn’t effect the poor over the rich, or the old over the young. It doesn’t effect a woman more than a man. It’s just become much more of a taboo subject matter.

Self appreciation and acceptance is incredibly important for our well being, and for our ability to meet our goals. But showing ourselves this gratitude has almost become ‘needy’ or ‘selfish.’ It can be deemed as egotistical to ‘post selfies’ or compliment your own physical features or personality characteristics.

In a time where it’s the norm to share what you had for dinner with the world, I believe that sharing your journey to self acceptance should be honoured, valued and celebrated. Selfies don’t define who you are, and shouldn’t be taken as such. They are a snapshot of a moment. A moment worth recording for whatever reason. These recordings don’t highlight egos, or vanity. It’s important for our younger generation who are digital learners to see people being real, and fun, and honest, and vibrant. If we leave lifestyle promotion to the Kim Kardasian’s of the world, well, [INSERT OPINION HERE]

To summarise the point I am trying to make, I don’t want to feel negative about accepting me. Or about learning to accept my shortfalls with my successes. I want to focus on the end goal, but not lose sight of the little battles won. I want to spend time ‘being’ and be content. I want everyone else to do the same. I want people to admire those who share their happiness, and their appreciation for their world. I want to inspire. I want to start a revolution of self acceptance! Join me.

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