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How to rewire your belief system

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

To mark the release of my on demand 4 week programs, the blog conversations for this month will cover the topics of the programs:

Building confidence and self-esteem;

reducing stress and anxiety;

rewiring limiting belief systems; and

setting goals and taking intentional action

Our limiting belief systems are a really interesting body of work. When we get familiar with the thought patterns that are holding us back we can see how and where it is showing up in our lives. When we can identify that, we know to what extent we are unknowingly debilitating ourselves. This may sound like tough work, and it is. However, once we have gained all that self-awareness and knowledge of self, we can start to gently and compassionately unlearn it.

I wanted to use this blog to talk about evidence files. These are how I describe what’s going on with every interaction and experience we have. We process these as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ experiences in all the different areas of our lives.

For example, in your first job you had a tough boss. They spoke to you badly, expected too much and showed no appreciation for your work. You filed that as negative and subsequently left the role. In your second job, you had a boss that was in some ways negligent, they micromanaged you and didn’t take on any of your good ideas. You filed that as negative. Now, you have had 2 experiences and 100% of those have been processed as negative. You will then start to shift your perception of the world around you: “I don’t get on with people in management.” You will then vent with friends, family and even coworkers. They may share similar feelings and stories of their own experiences. This then further solidifies your evidence and becomes your absolute truth.

Now let’s talk about absolute truths: this is how I describe the truths you hold about yourself and the way you view your world. These are things you don’t think to question, because beyond all reasonable doubt they have proven themselves to be true. Examples, “I can’t parallel park” or “my hair doesn’t grow past a certain length.” These are quite inconsequential examples, but what if they were “men cheat” or “I don’t deserve a promotion.” These truths can seriously impact your life. I call them absolute truths, because they exist within ourselves unquestioned and they operate as truths because that is the power we give them. However, absolute truths can (and usually are) a byproduct of inaccurate processing of information from our own experiences and interactions. Everyone has their own individual set of absolute truths, so that just gives us an indication of their inaccuracies - otherwise we’d all share the same truths!

In my online program ‘Rewiring Limiting Beliefs’ I cover a framework that will help you identify your limiting thoughts, where they show up, and how you can identify similarities across different areas of your life. Once you know that, the material then walks you through how to identify your evidence files and rewire your current limiting beliefs so you can overcome the barriers you are facing in your life right now.

If the information in this blog interests you, please check out the ‘Rewiring Limiting Beliefs’ on demand program. Each program contains the equivalent of over a months worth of session material with me (a £420+ value) for just £27! That’s (at the most) around 90p a day for a 4 week course. The best thing is that it is on demand, which means that you can take it at your own pace and in your own time. There are no rigid time commitments, no travel time, and no need to put off other priorities because you have a session appointment. I decided to make these programs because I believe I have an obligation to help make investing in self-work and emotional literacy more accessible, and a big part of that impact is to make this work more financially accessible.

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