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Positive traits of people with anxiety

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

When I work with clients with anxiety, one thing that we can agree on almost instantly is that anxiety is powerful. However, one thing we spend a little more time discussing is how it can become their power, instead of having power over them.

We can begin to work on thought patterns once we know how anxiety presents itself in each individual, how it feels physically in our bodies, what/who our triggers are, and practical strategies to overcome anxiety in the moment.

When we can feel in control of our anxiety and we aren’t afraid of it anymore we can use our anxiety triggers as an indicator that something needs addressing. In time, your heightened self-awareness that comes with this type of inner work means that you will be quicker at noticing this and effectively rectifying your thoughts, feelings or a particular situation.

There are also really important characteristics that are associated with people who suffer with anxiety. For example, they are empathetic and understanding, conscientious and responsible, they are cautious thinkers, problem solvers, they are detail-orientated and creative, high-achieving and hard working, smart, organised and punctual.

That sounds pretty powerful to me. And in a good way!

If you are experiencing anything discussed in the blog, you might want to consider one of my online and on demand programmes encouraging a self-taught introduction into building confidence and self-esteem, rewiring limiting belief systems, setting goals and setting intentional action or reducing stress and anxiety. For more information please visit

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