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Things you need to know when you love an empath or highly sensitive person

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I often talk about how empaths (highly sensitive people) can protect their energy in order to move through their world embodying their gifts without feeling overwhelmed, resentful, burnt out or experiencing compassion fatigue. I rarely address those who love or are in some kind of relationship with an empath.

Empaths are people who have an unusual capability to be able to think and feel for others. Empathic natures and highly sensitive people consist of around 8-10% of the worlds population. That means that their emotional range and depth is in the minority.

Here I am addressing those who are in love with an empath. Whether you are in a romantic, platonic or familial relationship with that person. So, please feel free to forward and share this blog post to anyone who would benefit from reading this.

High sensory levels can present some complex dynamics when you are emotionally close to empaths. Here are some things that will be helpful for you to know in order for your mutual connection to grow deeper in understanding and ultimately help you gain a heightened sense of awareness and understanding of the person you love:

1. Empaths need to be in relationships that are honest and truthful. Due to high sensory levels, empaths can feel what isn't said. "Avoiding" things only deteriorates trust.

2. Empaths feel other people's pain and will want to try and fix it. But, in return, they find themselves with a broken heart... a lot.

3. Empaths feel things before they make logical sense. Because of this, they require space to explore their intuition.

4. Empaths live through their emotional state. This aids them in their creativity and passion. This is true in their environments, work places and relationships.

5. Empaths listen to problems and will want to help others attain their goals. They are sincerely expressive as long as they feel that love and expression is reciprocated.

What stands out to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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