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13 Signs You Are Becoming Depressed

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

After my blog post last week, “One helpful strategy for anyone suffering with depression” I have had an influx of people asking how they can tell if they are depressed. It is a really interesting question, and one I get a lot around this time of year. If I am speaking to you, please know that seasonal depression is a thing. This is not in your head, and you are not alone. You may be going through this alone, but you don’t have to be alone while you go through it. Read that again.

For all those who didn’t read my previous post, check it out. But to briefly familiarise everyone who did, I identified some of the main symptoms of depression:

“Depression is (and is not limited to) low self-esteem, loss of concentration, appetite changes, loss of energy, sleep changes, self-isolation, loss of interest in daily activities, disruptive behaviour, anger/ irritability/ frustration/ lack of patience, and/or unexplained aches and pains.”

For all those who are still unsure if they are becoming/ or are living with depression, below are some behavioural traits of someone who is experiencing depression:

  1. You don’t feel like responding to texts or emails

  2. Your room/ living space is messy

  3. Your world view is becoming more negative

  4. You are experiencing increased irritability and hopelessness

  5. You are experiencing brain fog

  6. You are disconnected to your dreams and aspirations

  7. You are experiencing muscle aches and pains

  8. Hobbies aren’t making you happy

  9. Your hygiene isn’t important

  10. Your thought patterns make you sad

  11. You feel self-conscious and dull around others

  12. You stop missing people and self-isolation feels comfortable

  13. You are experiencing constant fatigue, and need naps/ suffering with insomnia

If you recognise yourself in these signs, my advice is to seek professional help. Visit your doctor and discuss the options available to you. You deserve support. Please don’t wait until it’s ‘bad enough’ to get help, there is no such thing. You deserve it today.

If this is something you feel like you want more help with, my four online courses are now live and are specifically designed to address:

These courses are designed to be as inclusive as possible and will especially benefit you if you have time or financial constraints which means that you are unable to do one-to-one sessions with a professional. You can take this at your own pace and do it in your own time. To learn more, go to the 'on-demand programmes' tab on the website or

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