Areas of rest you need on a daily basis

Updated: Apr 14

As we approach the end of the month, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a gentle reminder of 4 ways to be calmer, relaxed and less stressed.

Rest and relaxation doesn't just allow you to feel loved and cared for, it is also a skill. Resting takes time to be able to master. So, I have put together 4 areas of rest you need on a daily basis in order to achieve peaceful rest and relaxation as we reintroduce ourselves back into the world on our own terms.

Mental rest:

This is needed when you have the inability to conceptualise thoughts or ideas and when you experience any level of mental pressure.

Emotional rest:

This is needed when you experience emotional overwhelm; hold space for others to gain emotional clarity; and/or have trapped emotions from any kind of trauma, relationship, etc.

Physical rest:

This is needed when your immune system is low; when you are experiencing the physiological response of fear; and whenever you are stressed.

Spiritual rest:

This is needed when you struggle to connect with your intuition; your ability to seek future goals with clarity; when you feel uninspired; when you are anxious; and/or lacking in sense of self.

If you are experiencing anything discussed in the blog, you might want to consider one of my online and on demand programmes encouraging a self-taught introduction into building confidence and self-esteem, rewiring limiting belief systems, setting goals and setting intentional action or reducing stress and anxiety. For more information please visit

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