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How to tell it’s getting bad again

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

It is hard when we are in a low mood to call it out when it becomes more than a few days of struggle. Whether it is for a day, a week, a month or longer… the only way to get through it, is to work through it. Acceptance of a low mood is key. I know that sounds backwards, but...

A common coping strategy is to avoid or suppress. If we busy ourselves so we don’t have to think about how we are feeling, it causes us to gain instant gratification but this way of coping has long term effects. You could experience low levels of self-esteem, an attachment of self-worth on how busy you are, burnout, or lack of trust in your intuition to name a few things.

But how can we avoid suppressing our feelings and calling out our low mood or depression so we can work with it?

Here are a few things you could consider monitoring to make sure it’s not getting bad again:

  1. Sleeping too much or not at all

  2. Eating too much or too little

  3. Feeling or sounding disinterested in everything

  4. Being spaced out a lot

  5. Rambling a lot or not talking at all

  6. Losing track of time

  7. Making cynical comments, usually about yourself

  8. Socially withdrawing or pushing people away

  9. Avoiding eye contact

  10. Avoiding certain conversations

If you are experiencing anything discussed in the blog, you might want to consider one of my online and on demand programmes encouraging a self-taught introduction into building confidence and self-esteem, rewiring limiting belief systems, setting goals and setting intentional action or reducing stress and anxiety. For more information please visit


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