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Let's talk: dissociation

Dissociation is the mind's way of dealing with stressful situations. It can last for short periods of time, or for much longer.

Dissociation may cause you not to remember traumatic events from your past. It can also cause you not remember present events, such as travelling somewhere or certain conversations.

Examples include: derealisation, which is feeling as though the world isn't real. And, depersonalisation, which is feeling like you're watching yourself from the outside.

So, how can you move through this...?

Treatment is usually talking therapies. By understanding what your brain is doing and why it's doing it, it helps you feel calmer about your experiences with dissociation. That way, when it happens, instead of fighting it with fear and panic you can adopt coping skills discussed in your therapy sessions. There is no medication for dissociation, however if anxiety or mood is causing the dissociation, doctors can prescribe medication to treat these causes.

Grounding practices can be really helpful to relieve symptoms. For example, meditation, yoga nidra, breathwork, and sound baths.

Anxiety and stress is typically the main catalyst to dissociation. If you would like some self-lead support (plus free access to the monthly Q&A) then check out my Reducing Stress and Anxiety online course here:

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