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Self-care tips for loneliness

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

As we move away from the hype of the festivities, from reels and reels of content everywhere showing human connection and wholesome quality time with loved ones, this can cause the ‘post-Christmas blues.’ Perhaps everyone has departed and you’re left feeling separated from the people you love. Or maybe, Christmas didn’t look the way you wanted it to this year. Or, the Christmas period is a difficult time and presents feelings of loneliness. I see you.

I wanted to make a post to help encourage you to prioritise your self-care and focus on this painful emotion. If you are feeling lonely, try these activities and behaviours:

  1. Work on silencing your inner critic

  2. Journal your thoughts

  3. Allow your emotions to be

  4. Do things that help you reconnect to yourself

  5. Try not to isolate yourself

  6. Ask for what you need

I hope this helps, I’m thinking of you.


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