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Things you might not know were anxiety

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Working with clients who suffer with anxiety allows me to see in practice a lot of different ways anxiety can present itself in individuals. When we spend some time discussing physical symptoms, it’s often met with overwhelm and confusion initially. Most people view anxiety as panic attacks. They also understand panic attacks to be the typical hyperventilating, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations/racing, dizziness that makes the person experiencing this feel as though they need urgent attention from medical professionals. However, anxiety and panic attacks can present in much more subtle ways, too.

Below are some examples of anxiety:

  1. Thinking I had to be perfect to avoid judgement.

  2. Thinking everyone is judging me

  3. Criticising my every move

  4. Resenting myself for being nervous

  5. Sleeping excessively to avoid thinking

  6. Repeating conversations in my head

  7. Being unable to speak up

  8. Feeling like a failure if I wasn’t perfect

  9. Pre-planning what to say “just in case”

If you are experiencing anything discussed in the blog, you might want to consider one of my online and on demand programmes encouraging a self-taught introduction into building confidence and self-esteem, rewiring limiting belief systems, setting goals and setting intentional action or reducing stress and anxiety. For more information please visit

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