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Characteristics of being a safe person

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

When you start to research healthy relationships, you may come across the term ‘safe person’. It is important to recognise that to be in a healthy relationship (with yourself or another), you don’t need to look for perfection in that person, but you do need to look for ‘safe’.

A safe person is someone who will see you as another human being of equal value in terms of having thoughts, opinions and feelings that are important.

Here are 10 characteristics of a ‘safe person’

1. Doesn’t argue with lived experience, even if it is not shared experience

2. Listens with empathy and compassion

3. Asks how you want/need to be supported

4. Doesn’t judge your feelings

5. Holds space for you to be who you are in this moment

6. Asks for how the other would like to be supported, and also asks for support when needed (reciprocal relationship)

7. Investigates in self-work and follows through on their word

8. Does not rush to try and ‘fix’ or ‘solve’

9. Does not give unsolicited advice

10. Validates your experience

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